Who we are

Our Beliefs

The members of PR&More shares the same values and they believe that:

  • Strategic communication is essential for all corporations, as it leads them to the new business era and as far as possible from the crisis and other negative elements of the market. The past taught us that a company needs a solid communication and network ground in order to be able to survive in crisis cases.
  • All the communications objectives are measurable and directly linked to business objectives, otherwise they are simply utopia. So, PR&More is always alert and ready to be “tested” on results from all the collaborators
  • Our commitment to evaluating our projects, provides clients with an indication of their Return on their Investment (ROI) which is absolutely measurable at any given time and can’t be affected by any other external factor since is the most solid evidence of the work done.
  • The commitment nowadays is a vital tool for all the organisations even though is somehow simple in theory is really very hard in practice. We are totally focused on the commitment even and on a “loss basis” since we have build our company in specific values and one of them being the integrity, is the most crucial one.
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