Corporate Social Responsibility Services

PR&More is acting as a change agent in order to assist its clientele to get in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders.

Being fully aware of the significance of the social aspect of a corporation in forming its overall image, PR&More can provide complete CSR programs, combining the communication and the technical sides of such a program, thus assisting the corporations to, not only act accordingly, but also to present themselves as socially responsible partners.

Furthermore, we manage the client’s sponsoring activities in relevant sectors such as culture, sports, education, and charities, within the framework of a socially responsible image.

In addition to the communication side (study and evaluation of all the parameters that lead to the planning of the CSR communication plan, implementation and full support) PR&More, plans the overall CSR strategy and steps that need to be taken in order to upgrade the company’s social standards and become part of the national, European and international CSR standards and indexes.

We are offering services focusing on the following axes for our clients:

  • Helping them to enhance the visibility of CSR and disseminating their good practices: this includes the creation of a full preparation of their communication strategy focusing on the CSR, to make commitments and jointly monitor progress.
  • Improving and tracking levels of trust in business: organize communication surveys on citizen trust in business.
  • We develop the necessary steps to leverage EU policies in the fields of consumption, investment and public procurement in order to promote responsible business conduct.
  • We improve company disclosure of social and environmental information.
  • Lastly, we further integrate CSR into education, training and research: Provide support for internal education and training in the field of CSR.
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