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Sports Management Services

PR&More provides professional sport management services for all functional areas of sporting, special and cause-related events. The company can oversee all operational, technical and participatory functions of an event from pre-planning through post-event.

PR&More is also producing event telecasts and commercials, selling event sponsorships, event advertising, event marketing and public relations, creating and implementing promotions, recruiting and managing volunteers and overseeing all ancillary functions including hospitality coordination, parties and entertainment.

PR&More works with local event host communities, municipalities and jurisdictions to plan and execute local sporting and cause-related events in conjunction with host venue local organizing committees while and at the same time provides management of the local organizing committees and the functional areas of event planning, including: logistics, grassroots marketing/promotions, media operations, sponsorship fulfillment, volunteers, accreditation, vendor relations, concessions, ancillary events, Expo integration, insurance/risk management and contract execution and compliance.

Last but not least, our company provides all the necessary services towards a full communication plan focusing on sports and including the design and the contain management of a Sport’s webpage, the social media and the full press office with all its Public Relations and Media Operations.

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