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Funding and Subsidized Programs Management

PR&more, undertakes the pre-assessment, the preparation of feasibility studies, the strengthening up of the business plan for both subsidized and funding programs and the compilation of supporting documentation and its submission to the authorities for companies applying for subsidized or funding grants (Investment Incentives Law, National Strategic Reference Framework and other European Funding Programs).

In addition, we undertake the monitoring of the financial plan through to its completion, the preparation of documentation, the submission of technical reports and communication with the authorities.

Our services among others includes the following:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Managements of possible synergies and support possible consortium building
  • Compilation of supporting documentation and its submission to the authorities
  • Monitoring through project completion
  • Developing of win-win collaborations and provide tailored project management description
  • Analyzing the project or program by a documentation analysis, interviews, observations of meetings, etc.
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