Professional Websites’ Content Management, development and design

The website content management service is simply developing the voice for all aspects of any organization’s online presence. In addition to writing, editing, and proofreading site content, the maintenance of site’s standards with regard to new developments is as important as the content itself.

PR&More is not offering the traditional Web design and Web management, is offering the innovative Web content strategy services, a full package of web services and plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content for any professional webpage.

An effective Web content which PR&More is offering understands and copes the basics of client’s needs, is translating the information architecture documentation, is writing effective well presented web themes in the tabs, and manages an ever-changing content inventory

Our company offers complete solutions on the development and the design of the web content material as we believe that the web-material of the companies in most cases is disproportionate and often non-communicative in terms of what really the company wants to empathize to its audience and prospective clients. Cost effective packages in quite competitive prices while and at the same time we even offering web writing training that educates the content creator on the practice of writing useful, usable content specifically intended for online publication. This is a whole lot more than smart copywriting.

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