Innovation Management

In periods of calamity and long term crisis, industry and People renovation is a must!

PR&More advices on the management and the business development of innovative projects and new methods of restructuring and developing in the new era, to improve competitiveness and productivity , offering serious scientific contribution, including technical, commercial and financial assessment.

Furthermore, we are offering counseling for integrated action to develop innovative entrepreneurship, specialized training, and assistance in acquiring knowledge in the management of specific "new" products and services, new strategic management methodologies, new design methodologies and operating procedures and new web based information systems, which are considered innovative in today's mutated market.

Services such as lobbying within Organizations networks nationally and internationally, Collaborative Business Process Engineering and Incubation Processes are the most constructive tools in the innovation management methodology which PR&More is using to develop an overall approach for building up temporal sustainable Innovation Eco-Systems.

Together, we seek to discover, share, and implement solutions to grow innovation ecosystems, by leveraging science and technology to generate economic growth and improve the picture and growth of our clients.

In a few words, we are assisting the client to respond to an external or internal opportunity, and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes, products and services, not by thinking outside of the box but simply by building a “bigger box”..

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