Salesmanship assisting services

PR&More is touching base with one of the most crucial issues facing the companies that is no other than the increase or stabilize sales. For this reason, we are offering a number of services which are affecting the following areas:

  • Reduced time of commercial display of the customer in the market with the development and implementation of an experienced and effective trade plan.
  • We develop field evaluation of commercial ideas, without any further financial cost for the customer, in both new sales staff and/or training of the existing one.
  • Maximize client’s existing commercial returns while identifying opportunities for new business development – packed all in one.
  • We provide detailed and comprehensive ROI reports coming from our experienced partners.

On the Retail sector, PR&More is helping on the introduction of a new product placement, and guarantees the highest possible market coverage, the greatest possible dislodgment of the competition, the rapid increase in sales and the overall upgrading of the sales, in general.

Channel (Channels visit, Development and support of the Channel).

Direct (Marketing Funnel, Sales Funnel and Clients Service).

On the Channel sector – PR&More is assisting on the development of the channel sales, general support and better management of the trade relationships and communication with channel plus the possible addition of new channels.

Direct Sales - PR&More is developing the a conceptual system of obtaining customers through initial contact and offerings and retaining them through value added offers, the best feasible Marketing Funnel, and Sales Funnel together with the best possible client service coming from our expert Sales team.

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