Fields of Expertise

Press Office & Media Relations

We offer full provision of the Press Office services with the methodical and prearranged communication and flow of information (traditional press releases, interviews, articles, announcements, etc.) towards the media. The service includes editing and organizing the information material, coordinating meetings with the journalists and arranging events for the media, and media plans. Further to the traditional services, we have added and offer the digital communication Relations which includes bloggers Relations, internet interviews, digital Media platforms, digital interaction etc.

The aim of this service is to establish an environment of trust among journalists and the management of the company, as well as to maintain the interest of the former in the developments of the project. The regular contact with journalists helps significantly the understanding of information and also their most effective use so as to achieve publicity. This is achieved with the following activities:

  • Organization of press & Web Conferences
  • Organization of targeted press lunches
  • Organization of “One to one” meetings with key Media persons
  • Press Briefings (regular updates)
  • Familiarization Visits
  • Design and distribution of a Press Kit (Printed and Web based)
  • Organization of business or social events
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