Export Consulting Services

The Service Package

PR&More offers customized export consulting services, to clients who wish to export or looking to expand into new international markets.

Our Export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes unnecessary paperwork, offers made to measure consulting after in-depth search on the specific issues since each project is evaluated individually and a solution is proposed based on the focused services that are needed through careful personalized and made to measure service packages.

Some more information for the services provided towards the export projects include the specific consulting on the following subjects:

  • Purchasing coordination and export of goods
  • Logistics solution for international triangular transactions
  • Packaging improvements based on retail requirements
  • Branding if special branding needed for the targeted market / geographical area
  • Actual Market Research based on the set requirements
  • Competition analysis (Target markets)
  • Formulation of marketing plans for below the line activities in retail sector
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