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Crisis & Reputation Management

Reputation or brand is the most valuable asset of any company. A reputation of real value takes a long time to grow - like a tree. And like a tree it takes only a minute to cut it down.

PR&More is offering crisis management services in all three levels of crisis, proactive level (it is what we aim for), reactive level - at the spot services and after crisis level – Reputation management.

In the changing market of South East Europe, PR&More is offering a complete coordination and implementation of the Crisis Management training process (media training, crisis manual, rehearsals, role-play, etc.) and provision of full support to the company’s management team in consulting and administrative level during and after the crisis (Reputation Management).

Be proactive and not reactive is our motto! Many of the crises can be averted before they occur with some forethought. The best way to manage a crisis is by averting it, or be well trained to preserve the most valuable asset.

We are offering a variety of crises management services starting with the basic on how will a client will communicate with the employees, customers, suppliers, the news media and anybody else, when a crisis occurs? Who will be responsible? Who will be the spokesperson, a trained person? What key messages will they be communicating? What is the role of the CEO? Should he remain above the fray or should he show his engagement. PR&More works closely, not only with its consultants in Greece, but also with a number of Crisis Experts in the globe through its well established network to deliver the best result.

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